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Creative Lighthouse is the Creative Agency that exists with the purpose and mission to help small and medium sized business to grow in this highly competitive market.


We create marketing and advertising solutions that utilize the latest trends in the industry.


We invite you to meet with our experts to talk about your business and the challenges your business is facing every day. Let's talk to find or... create the opportunities that will enable your business to grow.


We offer a wide range of solutions suitable for any industry - from full service of designing marketing strategies, creating advertising and social media campaigns, through branding and logo designs.


We can also work with you to enable your company and your employees to reach full potential through consulting, workshops and coaching.


Feel free to contact us...  and we will join you to pursue your dream! With Creative Lighthouse you'll SEE THE LIGHT.





Our Services



Marketing orientation  - Is your organization market oriented? Do you know your marketing and creative potential? We can help you to understand and create marketing strategies overarching
your business objectives

Customer insights  - We can help you understand your customers, their needs and behaviors. By gaining this knowledge you will be able to answers this question: Why they should buy from you?

Brand Management  - What is your brand? Do you have appropriate brand positioning strategy in place? Together we'll create strong brand with trusted image.

Product management  - With appropriate product positioning, customer segmentation and product development your business can offer strong value proposition that will meet customer needs and expectations

Customer Experience through Advertising and Social Media interactions  - Communication with your customers is the key success ingredient. Do you know the way your customers want to talk wit you? Do you want your Ad to stand out for your customers? With our creative services we can unfold your uniqueness for your customers to see. 



We will work with you to improve your effectiveness and performance as a business leader and we'll help you achieve your full potential.

We will mentor you to equip you with qualifications and experience in the marketing areas. Our skills-transfer coaching program will enable you to be in charge of the Marketing strategy in your company



Know the newest marketing trends, strategies and tactics.

Enable your employees to implement marketing and advertising tools your industry use.

Wide range of topics from Basic Marketing Strategies to Digital Marketing (Cloud Marketing)







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